MO’r Designs ROCKS!!




However you punctuate it, this shop is amazing! Tons of fascinating rocks and random weird stuff at reasonable prices. Whole wall of bazillions of different kinds of gemstone beads on strands. Fossils, carved statues, cut gemstones ready for setting… the list goes on and on! 100% worth visiting again and again!

But it’s hard to find the correct information about where it is!

I’m not affiliated with their business. This is a fan site. But I’m a big fan, and when I went online and searched for it, I found almost nothing!


Many business-review sites had the wrong address for it. Part of the problem is that it has moved a few times between Rosedale Mall and Har-Mar Mall.

It IS still in Har-Mar Mall, as of the time I write this. But it has moved, again, as of 2017! The current correct address is:

HarMar Mall,

2100 Snelling Ave N, Suite 13

Roseville, MN 55113

BUT it’s not visible from the outside of Har-Mar Mall. You have to take the door that goes INSIDE, and walk until you see it.

It USED to be across the hall from David’s Bridal, but now, according to the mailing list, it is towards the south end of the Mall, in the hallway between Burlington and Staples.

(It’s not even listed on the map thingy inside the mall! At least it wasn’t last time I was there! It’s like the mall doesn’t want you to know where it is!)

So: Go there. Absolutely.

But make sure to check the address! I will do my very best to keep the address up to date on this page. Other sites may not be so careful.

And don’t get frustrated if you get to the right address and you don’t see it at first glance!